Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Resolutions List

Okay, here it is the middle of January and I'm just getting around to posting this. So, obviously time management is one of my big areas for improvement.

Some people just make one big resolution and focus on that change for the year, but I somehow ended up with a list of 25 things!

 I know better than to think I can succeed at everything all the time, but with such a long list, I'm bound to get something right eventually! Right? I'm not just playing the percentages here.  I'm learning to fail a lot, on my way to success, instead of letting myself get stuck by fear of failure.

Here goes, My List for 2013!

1. Keep the weight off!  (I lost 35 lbs in 2011 and kept it off in 2012
I want to continue to keep the weight off for the rest of my life and that takes some commitment. I weigh every single day in the morning after waking. I write it down in a date book. I don't sweat a 5 lb. variance, but if I'm on the high end, it's a wake up call that I need to remember what's been working, and do more of that, and not slide back into old bad habits.

2. Organize the Garage  I know I'm not the only one who's car has been banished to the elements in order to make room for stuff I don't really want anymore, or stuff I only need once a year and, said stuff, is strewn about so haphazardly it's become a daily obstacle course, when I leave the house. (Okay, I have worked on this goal, so now there's a clear path out of the garage! Yippee! Baby steps)

3. Clean the Bedroom  Inevitably, there's a mad scramble to clean up the common areas, because someone is on their way over to my house. Where to dump the stuff I can't reasonably put in it's proper place in time?
My bedroom. Consequently, said dumping ground, is yet another obstacle course I get to navigate, after staying up way too late on the computer, in the dark, because I don't want to wake the hubs, who has to get up early.
 I often awaken him anyway, with crunching noises of stuff I stepped on, or shouts of pain, when I misjudge the location of the furniture, or with the ominous sound of a paper avalanche, sliding off one of the perpetually buried surfaces I manage to brush up against, when I'm careening off the furniture.

 (Sigh. I can't believe I'm showing you this.)

4.  Follow up with clients. One of my gifts is that I can be fully present with people. I listen really well, and when someone has been with me, they usually feel they've been heard.

 The flip side of this lovely coin, is that I live in the present. Out of sight, out of mind. With my poor organizational skills, this translates to not getting back to people as quickly as I should, and that means my business isn't growing as fast as it could be. So, baby steps for this resolution will involve organization and tech support.

5. Invest in my Business. I have spent many years being exceptionally frugal, so that we could dig our way out of loads of debt. Medical issues have been keeping our family in the red for years, but thanks to frugal living, and by the grace of God, we have managed to make our way back into the black.

 I'm not used to spending, but I have a unique opportunity right now to make a substantial amount of money, if I go ahead and invest in my business. I want to take advantage of some very critical timing. I plan to do some business travel this year and attend at least one conference.

6. Pray 5 times a Day. At first I thought this sounded excessive, but then decided it's very reasonable. I already pray first thing in the morning. My feet don't hit the floor, without thanking God for my family and asking to be guided throughout the day.

 Then, if I say grace at each of my three meals, and then remember to say my night-time prayers, I'm all set! I have not come anywhere near close to meeting this goal regularly, at any time in my life. So, it's a stretch for me, but it's one I'd like to undertake.

7. Blog Weekly. If anyone looks, you'll see that I have not posted in this blog since November of last year. I have two pretty good excuses. First, I've been really busy, growing my business, and second,
I think I was running away from thinking about my Dad.

On this blog, I shared so much deep gut wrenching stuff about the experience of losing my Dad to a brain tumor last year, that I just needed to stop thinking about it for a while and just live. I didn't decide that consciously, but now that I'm wondering why I stopped posting, I think this is at least half the reason.

8. Engage Online Everyday. I'm on Facebook everyday, (who isn't? Well, a few.) But I'm really talking about my Fanpage. I started a Fanpage in order to really connect with other people, who are wanting to lose weight and maintain healthy eating.

 Last year, I only posted when I had something specific to share, but this year, I'd like to turn that page into something more interactive, like a support page, where people share and support each other to reach their goals. To do that, I'm going to need to be on there every day, starting conversations. So, please come visit and like Weight Goal Inspiration !

 9. Exercise 3 times a Week.
My normal routine is to meet a friend at the mall, once a week and walk around for an hour or two, before the stores open. We talk, so I don't really notice I'm exercising. It's the only way I can do it. I need talking and pretty things in the store windows to distract me from the fact that I'm exercising. It works really well.

I can't do it alone. So, I'm going to get two more walking buddies for the other days.

10. Visit my Step-Mom once a month. We've talked about this. We both have avoided each other, because seeing each other brought back the pain of losing my Dad.

 I've decided the only cure for this problem is to just have a set, regular time that we see each other, and just make our own new memories, until we have more happy memories, than sad ones.

The trouble is, that she and my Dad had only been married a year, when he was diagnosed. For that first year, I had pretty much stayed out of their hair. I didn't want to butt in on their honeymoon. Plus, they lived in her house, so I felt awkward inviting myself and my kids over. I don't regret that now. During his illness, we were there a lot,  but because most of our time there, was spent going through such awful times, it leaves us with mostly painful memories between us.

So, my goal is to overwrite them with new memories, because this woman was the love of my Dad's life. We are each a part of him, still here. His daughter. His grandkids, His "Great Love".  She made him truly happy for the first time in his life, and I will forever be grateful to her for that. That's something I didn't even know I needed. It resolved something for me, a sadness in myself.  I needed to see my Dad happy.

11. Clean Desk Everyday. If you could see the piles of stuff....you would know what a gigantic proposition this is for me. But my desk is in the kitchen, so keeping it clean, and dealing with every item that needs to be handled, is a huge goal for me this year. I'm going to need a system...

12. Take Care of my Nails Every Day.  I have one OCD issue and that is, that I'm a cuticle biter. Yep. I gnaw my own flesh. It's completely unconscious, so if I become aware that I'm doing it, I stop immediately. However, pretty soon I'm at it again.

It's worse if I'm really distracted, like when I'm watching a movie and there's a tense scene, or if I'm reading a book. It's worse in the winter, when my hands get dry. Lotion helps, but not for long. Carrying a nail grooming kit helps a bit, if I can catch myself and quickly smooth them. Then last year, I discovered Jamberry Nails , and they have made all the difference!

 Let me preface, by saying that I clean up nice, but I am not naturally a girly girl. I don't primp. I've gone most of my life without applying makeup. Now that I'm older I do more. But last year I was invited to a Jamberry Nail Party at a friend's house. I was due for a girl's night out, so I went.  It was intriguing and actually quite fun! So, I tried them. Those nails stayed on for two solid weeks and I did not pick, or bite my cuticles, the entire time!!! Noel's Jamberry on FB

Here I am drinking peach mango tea,
wearing my Teal Sparkle Jamberry Nails.

13. Paint at least One Day a Week. My Dad was an artist.  When I was little, my parents gave me art supplies. It's in my blood and in my brain. I see the world with an artist's eye, and when I close my eyes in reverence of the most meaningful moments in my life, I see paintings forming there in my mind. However, these images rarely materialize on the physical plane.

 Why? Good question. That's a whole other post. Suffice it to say, that I now have an art studio built onto my home, (here's how that happened: Art Studio! ), and I plan to make good use of it in 2013. Since it was built last year, my daughter has used it way more than I have. That's about to change!

14. Write Poetry at least Once a Week. I've been a poet since I was twelve years old. I've rarely shared my poems with other people, but when I have, they've been well received. Like the paintings I see in my head, I hear poetry sometimes.

 I try to keep a pad of paper handy to catch them. But when I let myself get so busy, I can't hear myself think, it drowns out the poetry. So, my commitment is to make more time for quiet with a pen, which may mean that some of these nights I'll have to cheat on my my Main Squeeze, (the computer!)

Exceptions to the rule. A couple of poems I shared on my blog:


The Gift

15. Be in the Pictures. With my Dad passing away, it fell to me to put together photos for his memorial service. Thankfully, I found quite a few, which is wonderful, since he spent so many years living in other states and other countries. I feel so blessed that people sent me photos they had of him,  and that I got some shots of him when he was visiting. Some are downright priceless to me!

I am always behind the camera taking shots of the kids and goings on. When I was heavier, I regularly deleted shots of myself. So, there are very few from the past 10 years. I regret that now, because my kids and my husband saw me just like that, and loved me, just the way I was.

 I deleted reminders of my kid's childhood, just because of my insecurity about my looks. It was undeserved shame. I was a loving mother and nothing is more beautiful to a child and a husband. I never judged other mothers so harshly. Why did I hate the sight of me?

I  look better now, so I can't say for sure if I'd be so ready to be in the picture without the weight loss, but thankfully, I feel great about how I look now.  I'm not going to be shy anymore.  I will get into the pictures and I will delete fewer shots!

I do feel physically fantastic these days. I used to be tired all the time and had to nap nearly every afternoon. Now, I can do anything! I love feeling freedom of movement again. I felt squeezed all the time, when I was heavy. Even when I wore nothing at all, my belly just got in my way!

The weight of my belly used to throw my back out, when I'd lay in bed, on my side. The weight of it pulled on my low back and I'd be sore every morning.  I know excess weight causes inflammation and I was aching all the time. Really, that was the biggest reason I decided to try and lose the weight, because I was in pain.

That's all gone now. The weight, the big belly, the joint and muscle aches, and the shame, even though I know now, that I didn't deserve to feel that way.  Now I know it wasn't my fault that I got so heavy.  I had a lot of misinformation about what to eat,  a lack of information about how to eat, and no real support.  Now I have learned so much,  and I want to share it with anyone else who wants it.

I'll be on Facebook every day at Weight Goal Inspiration  and that's where I'll be discussing weight loss and healthy eating.

 I'll be posting here, (hopefully) once a week to blather on about everything else.

Oh dear! Here I promised to share my 25 posts and I'm only up to 15, but it's after midnight now, so I'll have to put the rest off until the next post.  Otherwise I'll have to add another resolution, to not stay up all night when I'm blogging!

I'd love it if you'd share your resolution/or list with me in the comments!


  1. That's quite a list!!!! I'm grateful for your bedroom photo. Mine looks much the same. I wonder how many disastrous "master" bedrooms there are across the country? :-/

    1. I'm sure we aren't the only ones! It just goes along with our own needs being last on the list. There are just too many squeaky wheels around here that need tending. I just never get around to that particular chore, and it builds up.

  2. Great list!

    Reminds me of all the things we want to do this year. Guess it's time to get started!

    1. Yes! Just put it on the schedule. I have already tackled some of these, at least taking bites out of the projects. I also put painting on my schedule for this week for two mornings!

  3. It sounds like you have a very ambitious list. I hope you aren't going to be to hard on yourself. But, all sound like great things> Several, cleaning the garage and organizing my bedroom, are things I'm hoping to do also. Good luck with it all.

    1. Thanks, Gina! I won't be hard on myself because honestly, anything I get done is better than the nothing I was doing before. Small steps and getting stuff scheduled is the key, I think, for me. I also recall reading that if you can do something in 2 minutes or less, just do it right then. Since then, I have been remembering that and getting so many tiny tasks done. Each one is a win, and gives me energy to move onto the next task! It's working!

  4. You're so thorough with you list. You have motivated me in getting my goals in a neat and easy to follow order!

    1. Wow! Thank you, Cynthia! It makes me feel good that something I wrote motivated someone. I stayed up way too late doing that list!

  5. Wow - you have a big year ahead! You have totally motivated me to add some things to my 2013 list, which already includes losing weight and getting organized. I too have a scary garage! Kudos to you, and I hope you have an awesome year!

    1. Thank you, Cody! I'm glad I gave you some ideas. I hope you have a great year too!

  6. Thanks for showing us the pix of your bedroom--now I don't feel so alone! I'm trying to focus on ONE thing this year (ambitious, right?) and it is: organization! So your goal to clean your room more often really hit home with me!
    You look terrific by the way--keep it up!--er off? :-)

    1. You're welcome, Ang! I really wondered what the heck I was doing sharing that image online. I mean, when someone comes over I hide all that in the bedroom and shut the door. So, what's the point in doing that, if I'm just going to show the world my junk anyway? LOL!

  7. If you're making your business go, you really had to be frugal, and sometimes it is hard to spend after all of that discipline. It is that leap you have to take, and invest in yourself to make it, that separates you. I did that last year, and now have things in place to grow this year:) Definitely keep up the blogging for your business...so important, and post your paintings and poetry...why not?

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Courtney! It really helps to have other women who've been there supporting each other to make all our dreams come true. I've been learning more about networking and getting blogging tips from so many great ladies that I have met over the past year or so, and it's making all the difference in my business and my art. I feel really inspired!

  8. It's a great resolution list! You look just absolutely fantastic!! You should be so proud.

  9. You look great! I also wish to be more organized with business and overall around the house. Oh, and I also want to be in pictures this time!

  10. My garage is on my list too ... it's dismal the way it is!

  11. I had a hard time finding some photos of myself for my recent post because I've been hiding from the camera. Welcome back to the photos. I'm hoping to get myself in there again too!

  12. You sure DO look great! You should definitely be in more pictures! Great list of goals!