Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Step Dad Super Hero

This is my Step Dad.

He has always been such an awesome
Grandfather to my children. He shows up for them, emotionally
in ways my own father wasn't able to, for a long time,
because of living so far away.

My Step Dad and my Mom hadn't been married long, when
he offered to let my husband and I, move in with them, so
I could stay off my feet for the last three months of my
pregnancy. I'd had multiple miscarriages by that time,
and the doctor wanted me on bed rest. We had a son,
and he had his first Grandson.

The arrangement was supposed to be temporary, but it
turned out that we all got along really well together. So,
we all decided to just kept living together, nearly four
more years, until I got pregnant with my daughter.

Then, he let my Mom and I pick out a new, bigger house,
while he was away working on a contract job, out of
state!    Yeah. He's a freakin' Saint!

I'm an artist, but I've never had a dedicated painting
studio of my own.  (Picture just getting going on a
project, then having to clean up quick, because the
family has to eat dinner at this table in 10 minutes.)

Just last month, my Super Hero Step Dad, had a
man come install glass across our back porch, and a
sliding glass door, to make the dream of having my
own art studio, a reality for me.

Then he went out there for days on a ladder, smoothing
 out the ceiling texture, and painting the walls and trim.
Then he painted the trim on the whole house and the
front door, as well!     Yeah. He's a keeper!

He's also five years past his prostate cancer treatment,
with a clean bill of health, and remains active in support
groups for survivors.

I'm super proud of him as well, for losing an incredible
35 pounds in only 3 months! He drank Boresha fat burning coffee
each  morning, which gave him lots of energy to go out walking,
 morning, go off to work, and then walk again in the  evening,
sometimes four and a half miles per day!

Here's his Before & After shots.


  1. What a great step-dad and what great luck for you that your mom found someone who's wonderful all the way around.

  2. This "Luck" was so well designed as to be completely rigged, if you ask me. It's been such a blessing to everyone involved. God really knows what He's doing!